Maryland State Bar Association 125th Anniversary

Maryland State Bar Association 125th Anniversary

Featured in the Maryland Bar Journal Magazine, special edition issue celebrating the 125th anniversary, these photos of Manuel R. Geraldo, and his son Alexander J. Geraldo were taken during the opening ceremony for the Leadership Academy.

The Maryland State Bar Association Leadership Academy offers a 12 month program designed to assist lawyers become better leaders and offering opportunities for future leadership roles in the MSBA. Each year, 15 Fellows are chosen from applications submitted to the MSBA. During their term, the Fellows will spend time attending MSBA events, developing and implementing a public service project, as well as attending a special program on public speaking, media relations, interviewing skills, conducting effective meeting, budgeting, and many other related areas. Fellows establish a relationship with past Bar Presidents and current bar leaders to learn more about the MSBA and to enhance leadership skills.

Team building is a significant part of the Academy, wherein the Fellows develop relationships that will last long after the Academy. The skills the Fellows learn will benefit the MSBA, the local or specialty bar associations and the public as a whole.

Alexander Geraldo

Manuel R. Geraldo, and Alexander J. Geraldo