Auto Accident on The Job or In a Company Car? | Personal Injury or a Worker’s Compensation Claim?

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Were you involved in an auto accident while driving a company vehicle or as part of your job? If yes, then you may be wondering whether it is a personal injury or workers’ compensation case. Navigating through the legal process can be confusing when these matters intersect, which is why it is so important to contact an accident injury attorney that practices both personal injury and workers’ compensation in Washington DC and Maryland.

Is it Workers Comp or Personal Injury?

If you suffered injuries while driving a company vehicle, while on the clock, or as part of your job, it may be a workers’ compensation claim. Generally speaking, when the course and scope of employment causes an injury, whether directly or indirectly related to the job duties, it is typically a workers’ compensation issue.

Whether it is considered workers’ comp will depend on the facts of each individual’s case. For example, if you were traveling for business and injured in an accident that was not directly related to your job duties, it may be a personal injury case instead of workers’ comp.

A workers’ compensation lawyer that practices in Maryland and Washington DC will look over your case, can give you valuable advice and help you determine whether your auto accident should be filed as a personal injury or workers’ compensation claim.

Why You Need an Attorney

No matter which kind of case you have, it is important to have a knowledgeable accident injury attorney in Washington DC or Maryland on your side. The attorneys at Robinson & Geraldo PC, can help with the legal paperwork, ensure that all necessary steps are taken, collect evidence, examine medical records, make sure that everything is done correctly and filed on time and provide support throughout the process.

A personal injury or Workers’ compensation lawyer in Washington DC or or Maryland can also assist in negotiating with insurance companies, and representing you in court if needed. An experienced attorney can provide invaluable assistance to ensure that your rights are respected and that you receive the compensation you are entitled to. Call Robinson & Geraldo PC today at 202-544-2888.

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Going through a divorce with children is hard. Not only do you have to face the legal aspects and drama of a divorce, but your children also have changes to endure. If you are looking for divorce law attorneys in Washington DC, or Maryland the experienced attorneys at Robinson & Geraldo can help you sort everything out.

How Do Children Complicate a Divorce?

When a couple files for divorce, all of the assets and finances are divided. A skilled divorce law attorneys in Washington DC and Maryland  can help determine what belongs to you and your ex. When children are involved, this adds more complications to the situation as you also need to figure out child custody, child support, and visitation rights. As the specific laws can differ from state to state, it is best to contact a knowledgeable attorney.

How is Child Custody Determined?

In Maryland as well as DC, a judge must determine two types of child custody upon divorce. The first is legal custody, which defines a parent’s right to make medical, religious, legal, and educational decisions.

The second type of custody is physical custody, which refers to whose home the child will live in primarily. A judge will make decisions on these two things based on the child’s needs and best interests, including keeping siblings together, reducing change, financial stability, and more. Your attorney can help you understand what to expect.

How is Child Support Determined?

In DC and Maryland, the judge will consider how much is needed to care for the children based upon the custody determination, the parties individual income, and other statutory factors determine child support.

How Can an Attorney Help?

Navigating a divorce with children can be incredibly complicated. Contacting a skilled Maryland and Washington DC family lawyer is the best option. A skilled attorney will help with the paperwork, give you valuable advice and take some stress off of your shoulders. Contact Robinson & Geraldo to schedule a consultation.

The Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA) held its 2022 Legal Summit at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center in Ocean City from May 31, 2022, to June 3, 2022. This year’s Summit celebrated the MSBA’s 125 years of supporting and connecting the legal profession across Maryland and beyond. The Summit included Gubernatorial Forums, nationally recognized keynote speakers, including Dan Abrams, Chief Legal Analyst, ABC News, Ari Melber, Anchor, The Beat with Ari Melber, and Brandon Etheridge, General Counsel, Baltimore Ravens, and over 100 programs providing thought leadership, critical practice updates, and more.

On Wednesday, Alexander J. Geraldo, Esq., graduated from the MSBA’s Leadership Academy after completing the year-long program. Alexander can be seen here with Chief Judge James K. Bredar, the Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, and the chair of the MSBA’s Leadership Academy, Baltimore City State’s Attorney, Michael Hudak.  He also can be seen with the former Chief Judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals, Mary Ellen Barbera, who was also in attendance for the Leadership Academy graduation ceremony.

On Thursday, Manuel R. Geraldo, Esq., and Alexander J. Geraldo, Esq., were both nominated and inducted as fellows into the Maryland Bar Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to improve and facilitate the administration of justice and promote the study of the law and law research and share legal knowledge. Since 1965, the Foundation has pursued its mission by making grants to organizations that work within Maryland to accomplish the goals of the Foundation and by presenting awards to honor distinguished leaders in the legal community. The mission is supported by contributions from Bar Foundation Fellows, MSBA members, and the general public. Both, Manuel R. Geraldo, Esq., and Alexander J. Geraldo, Esq.,  can be seen below here receiving their respective certificates for election to the Foundation.

Maryland State Bar Association 125th Anniversary

Featured in the Maryland Bar Journal Magazine, special edition issue celebrating the 125th anniversary, these photos of Manuel R. Geraldo, and his son Alexander J. Geraldo were taken during the opening ceremony for the Leadership Academy.

The Maryland State Bar Association Leadership Academy offers a 12 month program designed to assist lawyers become better leaders and offering opportunities for future leadership roles in the MSBA. Each year, 15 Fellows are chosen from applications submitted to the MSBA. During their term, the Fellows will spend time attending MSBA events, developing and implementing a public service project, as well as attending a special program on public speaking, media relations, interviewing skills, conducting effective meeting, budgeting, and many other related areas. Fellows establish a relationship with past Bar Presidents and current bar leaders to learn more about the MSBA and to enhance leadership skills.

Team building is a significant part of the Academy, wherein the Fellows develop relationships that will last long after the Academy. The skills the Fellows learn will benefit the MSBA, the local or specialty bar associations and the public as a whole.

Alexander Geraldo

Manuel R. Geraldo, and Alexander J. Geraldo

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Not only can a serious accident cause physical injuries, but they can also affect a person financially and emotionally, especially when that accident was caused by the carelessness and negligence of somebody else. That is when victims should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Proudly serving in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, we handle a variety of personal injury cases, including:

If you have been injured in any of these types of cases, you should call our firm to speak with an experienced attorney. Here are some ways we can help you:

Determining Who Was at Fault
A thorough investigation by a skilled lawyer will reveal all parties who might be liable for your accident and injuries. For example, if the person who caused your accident was driving a company car, or you suffered from a slip-and-fall accident in a store or were injured in a construction accident, other people, organizations, or business entities might be at fault as well.

Dealing with the Opposing Insurance Company
Companies and large corporations make sure to have insurance that will protect them in the case of an accident. These insurance companies will want to pay you as little compensation as possible for your injuries and damages. Many insurance companies will try to use the facts of the case and your own words against you to try and devalue your case. Experienced Washington DC personal injury attorneys, practicing in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, fight to preserve and protect your rights to the maximum compensation that you deserve for your injuries and damages.

Contact  our office for a free and confidential consultation and case review.  Let us help you with the legal side of your case, so you can focus on recovery. Call us today at (202) 544-2888.

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Auto accidents of any size, are never a good experience. On top of the shock and stress, they can also leave you with injuries to deal with. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident due to someone’s carelessness or negligence, it is best to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced auto accident attorney in DC. At the law offices of Robinson & Geraldo, we can help you defend your rights in an accident and help you receive compensation for your losses and injuries.

We handle many kinds of auto accidents including:

Why Consult with an Auto Accident Attorney?
Many insurance companies try to contact an accident victim in efforts to control the claim. You were the victim, and you need an aggressive and effective auto accident attorney in Washington DC Metropolitan region to work on your behalf and defend your rights. Insurance companies are in business to collect premiums and keep the money. Without an experienced law firm representing you, that insurer will try to save as much money as possible on your claim by drastically devaluing it.

With the help of an attorney, there are many damages you may be able to recover after an accident. These include:

Lost Wages
If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, it may be difficult if not impossible to return to work any time soon. If you have lost wages due to the auto accident, then you may be eligible to receive compensation for the time you or your loved one was not able to work. It is important to speak with a skilled attorney to receive their professional advice on this matter.

Pain and Suffering
Mental and physical distress is one of the major things considered by an attorney, in the aftermath of an accident. Any type of accident, big or small, can cause mental, and emotional suffering. The stress caused by the incident should also be taken into account.

Medical Expenses
Medical expenses can include the ambulance fees, hospital bills, doctor visits, physical therapy, etc. All this can pile up and become very costly. If you or a loved one have been injured due to the negligence of another, then you need an accident injury attorney in Washington DC, to make sure that you are treated fairly and receive the compensation that you deserve for all the fees involved.

No matter where you live, or the situation of you and your family, divorce can be difficult. There is a lot of stress involved when a couple separates, and there are plenty of legal documents and issues that need to be sorted out. This is where Washington, DC, or Maryland divorce attorneys can help.

Before filing for a divorce in Washington DC, or Maryland, you must have proof of marriage and residence. This means that you should have been a resident for over six months, and you should prove that your marriage is valid.

Complexities Arising from A Divorce and How an Attorney Can Help

When filing for a divorce, plenty of issues may arise during the proceedings that necessitate the services of a Maryland or Washington DC divorce lawyer. Here is what you should know.

Division of Property – If you decide to file for a divorce, your property’s legal status will change. This means that whatever you used to own jointly may turn out to be you or your spouse’s property. Every state has different laws regarding property division, and determining who will get what.  Your attorney will know the laws of your state and be able to advise you accordingly.

Parental Responsibility – If you have young children, your lawyer will defend your rights as a parent when it comes to child custody and child support. They can also offer advice on the responsibility each parent will manage in raising the children. Washington, DC, or Maryland divorce attorneys can also help you and your spouse negotiate and determine when the children will be with each parent.

How Can a Lawyer Help if You are Considering A Divorce?

A divorce lawyer is a legal expert who can assist you with the issues that arise when going through a divorce. Such attorneys are knowledgeable on different aspects of divorce like annulments, custody issues, and property division. When you seek the help of knowledgeable attorneys, they will listen to the concerns you raise about your goals, children and home life. They will then be able to professionally advise you of your options, and the best course of action.

Why You Need A Lawyer:

They Offer Professional Legal Advice – If you are filing a divorce and your marriage has complex issues to settle like debt, support issues or child custody, a Maryland or Washington DC family lawyer will defend your rights and protect your interests.

They Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes – Divorce is a stressful process, and with all the legal aspects involved, you may end up making costly mistakes. For instance, you may overestimate or underestimate the value of your asset or forget to address issues like credit card debt which may necessitate future legal proceedings. A skilled attorney will be able to guide you through the process and make sure that everything is taken care of.

We proudly serve in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Contact our office today to speak with an attorney! (202) 544-2888

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Family matters can be one of the most stressful legal situations any person can encounter. The stress, anxiety and emotions are running extremely high for all parties involved and it can be challenging if not impossible to make rational decisions. This is why it is important to contact a skilled attorney who can help you navigate the tricky legal waters around family law and make sure that your rights are protected.

Maryland and Washington DC family law attorneys can help with a variety of family and domestic issues including:

One of the most important times to have experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel is when you are going through a divorce. Divorce can be extremely complicated with property division, dividing assets, figuring out child custody and child support, but having a Washington, DC, or a Maryland divorce lawyer can make your experience so much easier and less stressful. One of the most vital roles your lawyer can play during a divorce is helping you negotiate a fair settlement with the other party regarding assets, liabilities and, in particular, child custody concerns.

Laws in every state are different, and they can be very complex to understand. One of the main reasons and benefits of contacting a Maryland and/or Washington DC divorce lawyer is that they know and understand these laws inside and out, and how it pertains to your particular situation. Your attorney will be able to advise you on what your best course of action will be according to the law. Filling out forms, motions and other legal documents can also be time-consuming and confusing and lawyers perform all of these tasks for you, so you don’t even have to think about it. Let an experienced attorney help relieve the legal stress of your family matters.

Proudly serving in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Call our office today to schedule a consultation. (202) 544-2888